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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Printing EMP

1. In the following agreement, E.M.P. Public Relations Agency shall be known as “the supplier” and the person known on the attachment
of this document will be known as the “client”
2. The supplier will precede with the order on the basis of a verbal contract between the client and the supplier for the supply to the client
for his/her customer.
3. Cancellation will only be accepted by the supplier if received in writing or by email within 2 days.
4. Artwork services carried out by the supplier for the client will be to the best of the supplier’s ability. The Artwork will be sent for approval
to the client and may include a mandatory form attached for the client to complete authorizing the supplier to go ahead with the order. In
the event the clients order is not to the standard expected by the client, no refund is payable as the client has already agreed that the
Artwork was fine. Artwork supplied by the customer is accepted as is and is printed as approved by the client as the client
supplied it to the company. EMP is not responsible for errors or faults in Artwork supplied by the client.
4A. No order is deemed agreed unless the client agrees to the companies terms and conditions of payment.
5. In the event of a delay with the process or completion of the clients order, the client agrees to levy no charge against the supplier for
any financial loss indirectly or directly in association with the order placed by the client. We accept no responsibility for direct or indirect
loss resulting from your order placed.
6. An official order number will be agreed by both the supplier and client at the time of placing the order and will be seen as confirmation
of that order. It will be included in all correspondence forwarded to the client.
7. Proof copy of the Artwork will be passed to the client to be amended or approved and returned to the publisher within a reasonable
period of time not typically exceeding 5 days from point of order.
8. All Art services supplied by the supplier are chargeable subject to agreement, however the ownership of any design/style remains the
property and copyrighted work of the supplied with exception to items supplied in the design by the client. The Artwork APPROVED by
the client and received by EMP will be printed, as such we are not liable in any way for errors resulting from the printing of the
same. In the event of Artwork sent and quoted and paid to the company, this may be still be cancelled by EMP and EMP is not
liable for errors or omissions whether originated by us or not. The customer agrees to not hold EMP liable in any way
financially or otherwise.
9. Return of an amended proof does not necessarily require a further proof to be sent to the client unless specifically requested by the
10. Times quoted for delivery are guidelines only and are to be treated this way. The supplier makes no guarantee of delivery times but
may suggest a delivery date, although this is never guaranteed.
11. EMP will dispatch your order once printed, however once it leaves our printing partners or EMP is the responsibility of the courier and
out of the control of EMP. Thus EMP is not responsible for the delivery of the item(s) once dispatched and the customer agrees to make
no claim against EMP whatsoever as the physical delivery is out of our control. All claims on deliveries that may not have taken place
are forwarded to the courier stating the exact facts of the claim.
12. The client agrees to indemnify the supplier against any copyright infringement and any and all loss incurred with any works carried out
for the client by the supplier.
13. The client will receive a pro-forma invoice after they have received an agreed upon proof copy of there artwork
14. Cancellation of order must be made prior to the printing work going on the press. If printing is commenced however, we reserve the
right to charge 25{20e2c26fd5c294e74a62d5de4af46b11726a747b5e4ea5d96f20dd4cf16deab1} against the value of a cancelled order.
15. Should the client bounce a cheque we will close the account immediately.
16. Invoice terms are strictly cheque/payment with order. In the event of a returned cheque, we require the funds deposited in cash only
into our account. In the event of this not happening, we may employ a debt collection company and/or legal action immediately for
which you would be liable for any and all costs relevant to the collection of money owed to EMP.
17. If on receipt of the printed goods namely leaflets, letterheads or the like an error is visible in the quality or the printed item(s) the
customer will need to inform EMP within 3 days at which point, subject to approval of EMP a reprint will take place. After 3 days, a
reprint will be at the cost of the customer. If the product approved by the client is incorrect despite being approved the full cost of reprint
will be passed to the client.
18. Should there be delays or acts god the client agrees to indemnify the supplier of all costs whether caused directly or indirectly by the
supplier. In addition, the supplier may forward at its discretion a form of compensation which would be to the value of £50 maximum
solely at the discretion of the supplier. The supplier furthermore is not responsible for any costs resulting from delays or mistaken
delivery of any printed matter.
19. Shortfall of Delivery: In the event the client receives a short delivery whereas the delivered amount of
Product is less than expected; the client should notify the supplier in writing attaching proof of the same.
Any shortfall of delivery then, providing proof is forthcoming will be reprinted. This does not however
Include setup sheets common with litho printing.
20. This contract is subject to the laws on the United Kingdom.